1.  To change perceptions to create a cultural shift about manufacturing

2.  To provide better linkage between school habits and work environment
      including soft skills.

Work Ethics Committee - will research work ethics curriculums and ideas that can be recommended to schools and used by businesses for existing employees.

Student/Career Connections - will catalog all of the times students and industry cross paths during the K-12 education and then try to fill gaps with new connections.

Marketing/Image Committee - will roll out promotions showing successful careers in manufacturing.

Our first action items were to educate ourselves by touring each of the business involved in the initiative.  We also invited Kim Kuchenbrod, Certified Workforce Development Professional/Consultant for Vermillion Advantage in Danville, IL to come speak about the success they were having with workforce development of youth.  We did a lot of research on model programs, training curriculums and skills shortages.  Others from surrounding counties asked to be involved as they were having similar issues.  When the group grew to 80 plus people, it was decided that working committees would be more effective to attack action items.  The new committees were: 

Skills Gap Survey Committee - will promote participation in and administer a skills gap survey for the region each year forecasting jobs that need to be filled in the following year. 

The No Job Left Behind initiative started in November 2013 when members of education and industry were pulled together in Moultrie County by the Eastern Illinois Education for Employment office and the Sullivan Chamber & Economic Development.  After some lively discussion the group decided that our top two priorities/challenges were: 

No Job Left Behind