Reanna Darby of Masterbrand gained confidence and skills in her manufacturing job

A love of tinkering led to a manufacturing career at Masterbrand for Sarah Smith

Doug McGuire of Masterbrand shares about good paying jobs in manufacturing

Lake Land College President, Dr. Josh Bullock introduces No Job Left Behind


Marlin Murphy of Hydro-Gear uses his athletic experience in his manufacturing career

Tony Spa of Hydro-Gear likes the wide variety of daily tasks in his manufacturing career

Brandon Veach of Hydro-Gear turned farm work ethic into successful manufacturing career

Amanda Wolf of Hydro-Gear never dreamed she would work in manufacturing but loves it

Dave Williams of Marvin Keller Trucking likes how everyday is different

Other video testimonials promoting manufacturing careers can be found at:

No Job Left Behind

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On August 21, 2014 this committee worked with Lake Land College to video testimonials of employees from Hydro-Gear and Marvin Keller Trucking.  Videos of Masterbrand Cabinets employees are scheduled to be shot on October 2nd.


These videos are being built to portray the positive aspects of a career in manufacturing or logistics and to show students and unemployed adults that there are good career options in Central Illinois.